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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!

"The Church in the Center" Study Tour for Priests 2024

Good Friday night procession in Agia Marina

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Focus: The Greek Orthodox Church in Crete

Accompanied by heavy deep monotonous drum beats, Jesus is carried in procession through the streets of the village on the shoulders of the young men of the town. The street is temporarily transformed into the Via Dolorosa and the walk goes to the local church, while on Good Friday night the mourning women walk to the tomb of Jesus. Everything around is darkened. Every self-respecting shop and tavern is closed and the lights are out. People crowd around the bier, kiss it devoutly, and withdraw to make room for the glow of the candles they have brought to light up the darkness of the night. Only the stoplights of the stopped cars and the city's only traffic lights disrupt the illusion, but no more than that it is an incredibly strong poignant, sensual and beautiful experience, standing in the middle of it all, where the drama unfolds right before one's eyes.

A different church tradition - and yet

In the Orthodox Church, all the senses are played on in both the public and church spaces, and you are automatically involved in the ritual and spiritual connection between people and church. In this way, it becomes an overall sensory experience that creates lasting bonds and gives the church a significant place in people's hearts. The study tour falls in the week leading up to the biggest holiday of the church year, Easter. Precisely there, where the Greek Orthodox Church flexes its muscles and manifests itself in society.

Here it differs markedly from our home Danish folk church, which in comparison appears quite minimalistic and – perhaps – sometimes a bit mechanical. But we fundamentally draw on the same tradition, and many here at home have opened their eyes in recent years to the opportunity that lies in drawing inspiration from the Eastern tradition.

A study trip – not a holiday trip

It must be emphasized that this is a study trip, even if it takes place right in the middle of one of the most touristic areas in Agia Marina on Crete. The trip is organized in such a way that participation in church services, visits to monasteries and visits to e.g. Aptera (14th-13th century BC, one of the most interesting archaeological sites in western Crete), alternates with workshops, exchanges of opinions based on concrete cases. It is therefore expected of the participants that they contribute constructively in their own way to ensure that everyone gets as much benefit from the study tour as possible.


Our goal, our hope

That through a week of joint immersion, study and exchange of views we will be able to find inspiration and features in the Greek Orthodox Church and tradition, which with good sense - and perhaps small adjustments - will be able to be used in our Protestant Danish folk church.

It is our hope that we can return home with a catalog of inspiration and ideas, which perhaps - with adjustments and the parish councils' acceptance - can be implemented in our home churches.


Who are we?

Rope holder: Parish Priest Peter Møller Jensen, Bellahøj-Utterslev Parish (perhaps better known as the Pilgrim Priest from Bellahøj). Peter has a great interest and knowledge of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Tour guide: Michael Halle, lecturer and long-time church singer. Like Peter, Michael has many years of experience within the church. The two actually both started at a very young age in the Copenhagen Boys' Choir and thereby almost grew up in the church.


You will stay at the 3-star Hotel Atrion, located 200 meters from the beach. As a starting point, you will get your own room with a separate bathroom and a balcony or terrace. If you two are traveling together and want to share a room, you save DKK 1,995 per person. ticket.

The study tour has departures from Billund and Copenhagen 27/4-24 with return 4/5-24 and we have space for approx. 20 people.

Departure Billund 27/4-24 18:15 Return Billund 4/5-24 15:30

Departure Copenhagen 27/4-24 07:35 Return Copenhagen 4/5-24 15:50

Choose the departure that suits you best by pressing "Book a trip here" and book your trip before it is sold out.

The technical travel organizer is Apollo Rejser, Amager Strandvej 390, 4., 2770 Kastrup, CVR. 17435930, Member of the Rejsegarantifonden no. 0830, to whom you are transferred when booking a trip.

Discount codes for use when purchasing goods at Elenas CANNOT be used when booking travel.

What comes with:

  • Flight from Copenhagen or Billund, hand luggage included + 1 pc. checked baggage (20 kg) per traveler
  • Direct transport to/from the hotel from the airport in Crete
  • Accommodation in a single room at the 3-star Hotel Atrion, Agia Marina ( see video of the hotel here )
  • If you are two traveling together and want to share a double room, the price is reduced by DKK 1,995 per person. person.
  • Visit several churches
  • Shorter Pilgrim's Walk
  • City tour to Chania with tour and lunch
  • Large breakfast buffet and dinner buffet every day
  • 2 x lunches and 1 closing dinner (incl. drinks)

What does it cost?

The price for this trip is DKK 13,995.
(The price is per person with accommodation in a single room)

For accommodation in a shared double room, the price is reduced to DKK 12,000 per person. person

A deposit of DKK 1,400 must be paid per travelers (+ possibly additional order of cancellation insurance/travel insurance, if desired). The remaining part must be paid no later than 60 days before departure. Payment specification appears when ordering.

Technical travel organizer: Apollo Rejser, Amager Strandvej 390, 4., 2770 Kastrup, CVR. 17435930, Member of the Travel Guarantee Fund no. 0830.

Discount codes for use when purchasing goods at Elenas CANNOT be used when booking travel.

If you want to extend the trip by a week, and thus also include the Midnight Mass and the Easter celebration, you must contact Elenas on 70231201.

Tax deduction/subsidy for participation

As a priest, you will be able to deduct part of the cost of the study tour from your income, cf. Tax. In 2023, the minimum limit was DKK 6,700 and the rest is therefore deductible. Read more about it at

In addition, as a priest, you will have the opportunity to apply for a grant for a study trip like this in the diocese/province. However, it is not something we can guide or be helpful with..

Practical information

At the bottom below you will find a direct link to our co-organizer Apollo Rejser, who is responsible for the booking itself. This ensures that you are of course also insured through the Travel Guarantee Fund. Press the link "Book travel here" at the bottom of the page.

We reserve the right to cancel the trip and thus refund the full amount paid if the trip cannot be completed due to reason, force majeure or other external circumstances.

We point out that travelers follow all possible Corona restrictions, which will be communicated by direct mail to all travelers.

Meeting time on departure is no later than 2 hours before departure.


Inspirational pictures

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