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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!
Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!

New Hall Navel

New Hall Navel is one of the most sought-after oranges on Greece's largest island, Crete.

The variety New Hall is typically characterized by a sweet to sweet and less acidic taste, which gives a really good experience as both a table orange and a top quality juice orange!

New Hall Navel oranges from Crete are grown by smaller independent farmers and therefore cannot be compared to mass-produced oranges.

By dealing directly with the Cretan farmers, you get a completely natural product, as if you had picked it directly from the tree yourself, and they are picked right up to a few days before we pick them up and drive them directly to Denmark. They are rarely organically certified, but are typically grown in the same way without the use of anything other than natural fertilizers. In cases where they are organically certified, this will appear in the product name.

With oranges from Crete, you not only get a wonderful taste experience, but also contribute to keeping the small farmers going, whose only livelihood is the proceeds from their plantation.

Storage and shelf life:
On receipt, you should examine the received fruit and check that the oranges are intact. If you find oranges that may have a soft/hard spot or an irregularity in the peel, we advise you to use these first, as it is typically only an irregularity in the peel that can be removed and therefore has no effect on the fruit.

As these are natural fruits, of course we cannot promise or guarantee any kind of shelf life. However, we advise that you store your oranges in a dark and cool place, but not directly on a concrete or similar floor, as the fruit will absorb moisture from the floor. What we give the best result, and gives for some, several weeks of shelf life. However, care should be taken to regularly check the fruits and remove any bad, so they don't pass it on to the other fruits.

If you have received fruit and vegetables that are bad on delivery or within 2 days of delivery, please send us a picture by email to and note your order number.