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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!

Bogø Chocolate Purple Box 190g

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Bogø Chocolate Purple Box 190g is a delicious and luxurious box filled with 190g of the finest chocolate. The box is designed with an elegant and simple purple color theme that exudes quality and style. The chocolate is made by the Danish brand Bogø, which is known for their handmade and exclusive chocolate products. Bogø is dedicated to using the best ingredients and ensuring an unrivaled taste experience. The box contains a mix of different flavors that will satisfy any chocolate lover's taste buds. It is perfect as a small gift for a friend or as a delicious snack for yourself. The chocolate can be used for any occasion - as a cozy evening with friends, as a sweet surprise for your partner or as a delicious dessert for a festive dinner. Bogø Chocolate Purple Box 190g is a high-quality product and is guaranteed to satisfy every chocolate lover's requirements. So treat yourself or a loved one to this delicious box filled with real chocolate happiness. Reservations are made that the text may contain errors or omissions.

Sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa mass, ALMONDS, cocoa butter, SWEET MILK/WHOLE MILK/SÖTMJÖLKS POWDER, apricot kernels/kernels/kjärnor, ROASTED HAZELNUTS/NUTS/ROASTED HAZELNÖTTER, CONDENSED MILK/MILK/CONDENSED MILK, coconut , vegetable fat/fat (palm, shea kernel/-kernel/-kärna), plums/plums/plums, spirits (Cognac and/or orange liqueur), MILK FAT/MILK FAT/MILK FAT, stabilizer (sorbitol syrup/syrup), orange juice concentrate, concentrate of/of whole oranges, orange pulp/-frukkött/-fruit meat, fructose syrup/-syrup, orange oil/-oil, invert sugar syrup/-syrup, emulsifier/emulsifier (lecithin), corn starch/maize starch, MILK/MILK SUGAR/MILK SUGAR, salt, syrup/syrup, mulled wine/hetvin/liqueur wine (Madeira, Sherry), preservative (sorbic acid/-acid, potassium sorbate), humectant (invertase), flavourings/aromämmen, cocoa powder, thickener/förtjockningsmedel (pectin), vanilla extract/vanilla extract, acid/ acidity regulator (citric acid/-acid/citric acid). May contain traces of other nuts, eggs and soya.

Energy 521 kJ / 2177 kcal
Fat 29 g
Of which saturated fatty acids 13 g
Carbohydrate 57 g
Of which sugars 43 g
Protein 6.8 g
Salt 0.17 g

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