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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!

Haribo Gold Teddy Bears 2310g

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Haribo Gold Bears 2.31Kg is a delicious and tasty candy bag from the popular brand Haribo. The bag contains a mixture of small, soft and colorful teddy bear-shaped pieces, which are perfect for a sweet and tempting snack.

The little gold bears are made from the best quality of jelly, which gives a wonderful texture and a sweet taste. They are also free of artificial colors and have a natural fruit flavour. Therefore, you can enjoy them with a clear conscience.

Haribo Gold Teddy Bears are perfect for any occasion. They are obvious to bring along as a sweet little surprise for a child's birthday or as a cozy snack for a movie night with friends. You can also use them as a decorative and colorful topping on a cake or dessert.

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy them, Haribo Gold Bears will certainly give you a delightful taste experience. With their characteristic softness and sweet taste, they are hard to resist.

Haribo is a well-known and loved brand in the candy world. Since 1920, they have produced delicious and imaginative candy products, which have become a favorite with both children and adults. Their slogan "Haribo makes children happy - and adults become children again" is still relevant to this day.

So if you are looking for a delicious and fun candy experience, Haribo Gold Teddy Bears 2.31Kg are the perfect choice. With their soft texture, natural taste and fun teddy bear shape, they are a guaranteed hit with all candy lovers.

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Glucose syrup; ; sugar; ; gelatin; ; dextrose; ; fruit juice from concentrate: apple, strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, pineapple; ; acid: citric acid; ; fruit and plant concentrates: safflower, spirulina, apple, elderberry, orange, blackcurrant, kiwi, lemon, chokeberry, mango, passion fruit, grape; ; aroma; ; elderberry extract; ; palm oil; ; surface treatments: beeswax white and yellow, carnauba wax.

Energy 1459 kJ / 343 kcal
Fat 0.5 g
Of which saturated fatty acids 0.1 g
Carbohydrate 77 g
Of which sugars 46 g
Protein 6.9 g
Salt 0.07 g

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