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The Germans expected their air raid on Crete in 1941 to be a perfect example of a victory won after a tactical surprise attack. They had no idea that the British, with the help of Ultra intelligence, knew their plans and had laid a carefully planned trap for them. It should have ended with the first German defeat of the war, but a fatal misunderstanding turned the tide of the battle. And the conflict did not end there. Cretan freedom fighters launched a heroic resistance struggle with the help of the secret British sabotage organization, SOE. Only in 1945 was Crete liberated by British forces.

Antony Beevor's book about Crete during the Second World War is much more than the account of a single battle in the Great War. It is also a fascinating story about ordinary people who must fight for their survival with courage and raw strength.


?Outstanding ? a captivating account of the entire war in Crete and of the horrific experiences of the Cretans during the German occupation.? John Keegan, Sunday Telegraph

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