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Ships to Europe in 3-6 days!

Pukka Night Time Tea (Organic)

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Pukka Night Time Tea is an organic tea that has been created to help you find peace and relaxation in your everyday life. It is part of Pukka's range of organic teas, known for their high quality and natural ingredients. This tea is a blend of organic chamomile, lavender and valerian, which are known for their calming properties. The tea is perfect to enjoy in the evening as it helps create a sense of calm and well-being which can improve your sleep quality. Pukka is a British tea producer dedicated to creating high quality organic and sustainable products. Their teas are made from the finest herbs and spices from around the world and are known for their flavorful and healing properties. Pukka Night Time Tea is ideal for those who want to create a calm and relaxing evening routine, or who have difficulty falling asleep at night. It is also suitable for those who want to reduce stress and find inner balance in a busy everyday life. Whether you are a tea lover or just looking for a natural way to relax, Pukka Night Time Tea is a great choice. Try it today and let its natural ingredients help you find inner peace and tranquility. Reservations are made that the text may contain errors or omissions.

OAT flower (30%), Licorice root, Chamomile flower, Lavender flower (14%), Lime flowers (10%), Valerian root, Basil leaves.

Energy kJ / kcal
Fat g
Of which saturated fatty acids g
Carbohydrate g
Of which sugars g
Protein g
Salt g

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