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Tator Black Label 17.5% 750ml

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Tator Black Label 17.5% 750ml is an exclusive and well-balanced spirit from the renowned brand Tator. This version is known for its unique taste and high alcohol percentage of 17.5%. The product is made from carefully selected raw materials and has undergone a careful distillation process, which results in an intense and powerful taste experience. Tator Black Label can be enjoyed neat as a luxurious aperitif or used as a tasty ingredient in cocktails and drinks. It is also suitable as a gift idea for the discerning spirit enthusiast. The bottle contains 750ml and is elegantly designed with the iconic Tator logo. It is perfect for decorating any bar cabinet or as a nice gift packaging. Please note that Tator Black Label 17.5% 750ml is a strong spirit and should be enjoyed with care. It is recommended to serve it chilled at room temperature to bring out its full flavor potential. Tator is a reputable brand with a long tradition of producing quality products. Their expertise and passion for spirits is clearly reflected in Tator Black Label 17.5% 750ml. Reservations are made that the text may contain errors or omissions.

Contains SULPHITE.

Energy kJ / kcal
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